In Between

In Between

We understand the complexity of modern dentistry and how it relates to the multidisciplinary team approach. With this in mind, our objective is to create an environment in which you can engage with us on any level. Think of us as your surgical support partner, filling any gaps that may exist in your workflow. Through these validated workflows, such as SynergyTM, we have the ability to sync directly to compatible parties’ CAD software for the restorative driven outcome.

We have encountered many different scenarios that fall in this In-Between category. For example:

I Have a Plan

If you have a finalized plan, but need help with guide design and manufacturing, we’ve got you covered there too!

I Don’t Have the Appropriate License

If you have a finalized plan and a guide design, but don’t have the appropriate license to export your design for manufacturing, we can do that!

I Don’t Need Online Planning

If you need file assembly and case presentation, guide design, exporting, and manufacturing but don’t need online planning, we’re your guys.

“The innovation of Synergy has made it indispensable to the skilled technician in the pursuit of high quality pre-surgical temporization. This is only the beginning. Synergy brings to us the ability to sync directly to our compatible partners CAD software acting as the catalyst for merging our surgical precision to their advanced restorative manufacturing.” — John Pellerito, Coredent Advancements

-John Pellerito
Coredent Advancements