Full Service Planning

Full Service Planning

By choosing Full Service surgical guide production, you are getting the works. Once we receive the necessary case materials, we create a full digital plan presentation. The next step is to schedule a meeting with your team for treatment planning. After the surgical plan and procedure is finalized, we design a product specifically for your patient and he preferred implant system. If you are ready to begin with Full Service planning, please click the button below to create an account. This will provide access to our case planning tools and allow our team to provide you information as your case develops.

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Step One: Getting your case materials

The first step to ensuring a PreCise™ outcome is getting the necessary items from you. For Full Service surgical guide production, we will need the following materials:

  • CBCT scan of your patient
  • An impression
  • A completed Rx Form
  • Release form signed by your patient

Step Two: Preparing your digital plan

Once we’ve received your case materials, our team of experienced guided surgery experts goes to work to create a fully digital plan presentation for your approval. Using the latest engineering and software, we compile the results of the CBCT scan and the impression to create a completely digital representation of your patient and use that to present the treatment plan to you. Our unique design software makes it easy to see exactly how your patient’s implants will be placed at the time of the surgery.

Step Three: Treatment Collaboration

It is extremely important that our doctors feel confident with the treatment plans we come together to create. In order to achieve the utmost level of clarity and confidence, we take the time to review our treatment plans with our doctors using video teleconference. This way doctors can experience each aspect of their patient’s treatment plan, as questions, and make any needed adjustments. We also require our doctors to grant the final approval on all treatment plans prior to the start of production.

Step Four: Guide Production

After the approval process, we begin the process of designing and producing your patient’s unique surgical guide. Our 3D printers are calibrated daily to maintain the most accurate results possible and are operated by experienced technicians who can quickly identify and correct any issues to ensure production stays on schedule. Ounce your guide has passed our internal quality check, it is packaged and shipped directly to you.

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